1st Post

Just a test to see if this is working…

Hello everyone,

This is the first post of my blog & as such it’ll serve to give a little background on why I’m doing this & what I hope to accomplish.
First & foremost I’m doing this to help keep a record of many of the things that happen to me, to others I know, I hear about, etc. over the course of a year.  Most of it may be mundane, but there may be a few exciting things along the way.  So, every night’ish I’ll try to create a brief entry describing what went on in my world that day.  This may include informative Game Audio tid bits, rants, or maybe even the occasional meme.
I hope to mainly “accomplish” 2 things with this blog…
1. Have a record of my daily tasks/thoughts, as it may be fun to go through at a later time.
2. Share these tasks/thoughts in the hope other colleagues find (at least some of the info) useful.