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Short Interview with Vocalist, Violinist, and Actress, Lucine Fyelon


Q: Could you tell us a little bit about your role as a session musician/vocalist?

A: My role as a session musician is to provide the best natural sounding music possible. I show up at the studio and am given a piece of music to play and sing. I usually never see the music beforehand and will need to learn it on the spot. However in some sessions no sheet music is provided, which requires improvisation skills. In this case I play by ear and improvise any style of music the producer asks me. I’ve been doing session work for many years now and each session has required a slightly different set of skills to use that day. During orchestra sessions I always listen to the overall sound in the room and try to play similarly to the other musicians so that we can accomplish the most cohesive sound possible. However if I’m in a studio by myself I put more emotion into the music and try to provide a sincere musical interpretation to get the best natural sound possible.

Q: Why should a Producer/Director/Composer Budget for a session musician/vocalist when so many other cheaper options are available? 

A: The answer is simple. A Producer/Director/Composer will almost never be able to make a raw highly emotive sound like a session musician can. Compositions and songs that are recorded purely with samples from libraries almost always sound unnatural and don’t speak to human ears. In all my solo sessions I put my own interpretation of music combined with the producer’s vision and input. This way we bring the music alive. A good professional musician will follow the details in the music and will also be able to play in many different styles. At the end of the day we all try to communicate through music and try to be as vulnerable in the studio as possible. A computer sound cannot be vulnerable. This is the reason producers/directors/composers hire me for studio work as a violinist and a vocalist.

Short Interview with Recording, Mixing, & Mastering Engineer, Les Brockmann


Q: Could you briefly give an overview of what tasks you perform as a Mixing Engineer?

A: The music recording/mixing engineer for a score is responsible for the technical and aesthetic details of the sound of the music, from initial recording of musicians to the final mix.

Before recording, the engineer will prepare computer files for every piece of music, including all blank tracks necessary, routing and setup for headphone mix and reverb, click track, video file synchronization, etc. The music engineer would also be responsible for session planning and setup details, and communicating them with a staff of a commercial studio or scoring stage if one is used. It’s critical to be completely set up and ready in advance of musician recording, for the best management of costs – - no one wants to pay for sitting around while the engineer gets his act together!

While recording, the engineer is responsible for choosing and managing microphones and microphone placement, preamps and other outboard gear, mixing console (“real” or within software) details such as levels, control room and headphone mixes, and (unless an assistant is provided) computer operation and file management. The engineer will keep the session moving forward, and help the composer manage the best possible recorded performances within the allotted time and budget. 

The final music mix includes editing and cleanup, routing all channels including “stems” mixing if applicable, EQ reverb panning and levels in order to make a finished polished music track that can be used in the final sound dubbing.

Q: Why do you believe it is essential to hire a Mixing and Mastering Engineer?

A: Consider the director of a film – - even though he or she may have some knowledge of camera operation, it would be foolish for the director to do the cinematographer’s job. So it is as well for the composer. A composer must be expert with melody, harmony, everything about musical instruments and their usage, and most importantly the creative decisions that make the score enhance the dramatic storytelling of the film.

An engineer spends his life and career thinking about music in a different way: about the sound quality and balances of a polished finished mix. Besides all the technical details and responsibilities, the most important skill of an experienced mixer is that of listening and knowing what a good score sounds like, and how the sound of the score can best contribute to the overall quality of the experience.

May 27th, 2013 – Kenshi, Jeklynn Heights, GDC Next, & More!

Hello again…  It’s been a little while, but I have some exciting news to share!

*I’ve been following the Open ended, Squad-Based, Strategy RPG Game “Kenshi” for around 2 years now and I’m happy to announce that I’ve been hired on as the Audio Designer!  If you’d like to hear a rough demo of what the world of “Kenshi” will eventually sound like please feel free to check out this VIDEO.

*I’m also happy to announce that a handful of colleagues and myself have formally submitted our proposal to do a panel at GDC Next this year!  It’s still very early in the process, but if all goes well then I’ll make sure to update with details.

*In celebration for reaching 1,000 “likes” on Facebook, Jeklynn Heights is asking the community what kind of Music they’d like to hear in-game.  From that information I’ll Compose a piece of music!  So, what do you want to HEAR?!

*My work with Ender’s Fund over the first quarter of this year has resulted in two awesome & very fun to play titles!  Check out all the cool Music, Sound, & even some VO I did for USZ (Zombie Top-Down Shooter) & Rabid Rascals (Head-To-Head multiplayer)!

*I’m also very happy to announce that I’ve established a new working relationship with Video King & just finished composing music for their latest title “Mermaid’s Quest“!

*To Finish it all off, I have the great fortune of being able to step into one of my favorite LA studios once again (as the Producer/Arranger) Perfect Sound Studios.  Can’t wait & I’ll be sure to share when I can!

April 15th, 2013

Wow it has been over a month since the last post.  Obviously it’s been a little busy around here… but in a good way!

*Went to GDC up in San Francisco at the end of March and had a fantastic time!  It was great to see old friends, meet new ones, and extend my network.

*Also went to NAB at the beginning of April in Las Vegas.  The main focus here was on Production Music (Commercials, Trailers, T.V. Libraries, etc.) & overall it was quite beneficial too.

*2 Mobile games I’ve worked on earlier this year have finally released: Banana Planet / Swipe the Deck / & Word Warfare will be released in May!

*To help incentivize myself getting back in shape I’ve joined a group of other game devs that meet on the weekend to play soccer.  It’s a lot of fun, but definitely exhausting!  More reason to get back in shape.

*Last but certainly not least I’ve picked up some new projects which I’m quite excited about, but can’t talk about… yet!  Looking forward to when I can spill the beans though.

Thanks for reading!

March 5th, 2013

Ahhh GDC is right around the corner!  I feel like there should be some kind of 80s training montage I go through to prepare me for that week.  Anyway… some updates!

Empire Eden

I just signed on to create the very unique score for this indie game.  It’ll contain elements from Native American, Traditional Japanese, Western, Sci-Fi, & Retro 8-bit music styles… yeah weird.  But so cool!  When will I ever get the chance of throwing all those instruments together again? :)

Feel free to visit the links below for more information…

Kickstarter – Empire Eden // Steam Greenlight – Empire Eden

*There are a whole bunch of other fun projects in the works or still under NDA… so hopefully I’ll get to chat about them soon.

Feb. 23rd, 2013

Another week gone & another week closer to the GDC!  Already have everything booked & setting up meetings at the moment; I’m expecting it to be an exhausting (but fun) trip!

Good news for the “Bag it!” album!  iTunes has properly adjusted the price of the entire album to 2.99 as we had originally intended:!-express-lane-10-tracks/id586350795?v0=9988&ign-mpt=uo%3D1

This past week has been filled with eclectic Compositions & hopefully I’ll be able to show off at least a few of them in the coming weeks.  So by result, unfortunately this week’s blog update is a little thin on content.  Hopefully next week’s post will make up for it!


Feb. 17th, 2013

What a week/weekend!  Where to start (not in order)…

*Tried out a nice little Brunch spot called Snug Harbor.  Enjoyed the Food, Coffee, & Atmosphere… there are a lot of little cafes around here though, so I’ll try a few others before going back.

*Since V-Day Traffic was nuts, we decided to go hiking up at Solstice Canyon in Malibu Today.  A nice little hike with some good views.

*I started using this new tool from iZotope, Inc called “Iris” & Wow is it cool!  I’m on the trial period right now, but have no doubt I’ll purchase it soon… a very useful Sound Design tool (but it’s also easy to create custom instruments as well).

*I’ve got a few interesting projects on the horizon… nothing I can talk about yet (and it’s still not 100% confirmed), but I’m looking forward to revealing more info when I can!  Also creating my GDC Schedule to “map” out all the meetings & sessions.  This should make it easier to organize everything & schedule new meetings.

I’m really looking forward to this coming week… hopefully there will be some exciting news I can share!

My Birthday Weekend

26.  Born on Feb. 8th in ’87, I’m now 26 years old… seems that years fly by ridiculously fast as I grow older.  This Birthday Weekend was a good one though.  I got to eat (one of my favorite things to do) at some new places & stroll around Disneyland for the day.  Always a good time when you have good food and good friends.

Beyond that, I had the pleasure of bringing in a talented vocalist friend (Melody) for some session work las week.  This week should be full of creating SFX and interesting music tracks too, although I unfortunately can’t talk about or show off any of it.  Nevertheless, it should be a busy, but fun week… especially since the Man U vs Real Madrid game is on Wednesday!

Jeklynn Heights put up it’s Steam Greenlight (concept) page, so feel free to check that out if you’d like!