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Kole Hicks began his musical journey at age twelve, when for one Christmas he received his father’s “hand-me-down” guitar… a beat-up and dull red electric TruTone from the ’70s. He began playing every night thereafter, refining both his performing and writing skills until he eventually earned his way to studying with prestigious instructors from both Indiana University and Musicians Institute.

Ever since finishing his studies, Kole has had the opportunity to provide emotionally evocative music and visceral sound effects for many varied projects. He’s currently providing all of the music and sound to the unique squad based strategy RPG, Kenshi, the dark fantasy MOBA, Jeklynn Heights, and the “Dino-Filled” multiplayer survival game, The Stomping Land. In the recent past he has created all of the music and sound for “Bag it!” (a hit mobile game reaching #1 on the app store charts in the summer of 2012), continues to provide music for the production house, Elias Arts, and was nominated (2012 GANG Awards) for his article “Mixing as Part of the Composing Process;” published at Shockwave-Sound.com where he’s a featured columnist.

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