September 7th – Kenshi Audio Update – SFX & More…

Last post was all about our first session in the studio (which was a lot of fun!) & we now have around 40 minutes of music in Kenshi.  I’ll make sure to create a video demonstrating our Music System in the near future :)

Now it’s time to talk about SFX though.  A quick Q & A…

What SFX will you be tackling first?

The first priority is to knock out all of the basic character sounds.  So this means footsteps for different surfaces, the armor the character is wearing, and a good chunk of the necessary combat sounds.  Attacks, Impacts, etc.

What is the plan for future SFX?

First and foremost we want to get all of the 1st priority SFX working as intended, as there are many complex layers involved.  After that, I’ll probably start to focus on non-character specific sounds… perhaps ambient sounds or maybe crafting/building.

What SFX will be released in the next update?

That depends on a few different factors & I’m not sure what will make its way into the next update, but there will most definitely be audio!  I would expect the first priority SFX to be ready by then.

Thanks for reading!