August 18th – Kenshi Update – Our 1st Session!

Hello everyone!  Big news in the Audio world of Kenshi.  Last Wednesday (the 14th) I had a wonderful studio session with some phenomenally talented musicians.  We recorded a large chunk of music for the game and we’re making very big strides to make sure it’s working properly in-game.  Some info about the people involved…

Jeness – A fantastically gifted Cellist who I’ve had the pleasure of working with before & hopefully will continue working with in the future!  She can take a simple melody & make it soar; truly a musician who fills her performances with sincere emotion.

June Kuramoto – A brilliant Koto player and a founder of the legendary Jazz fusion band “Hiroshima”!  Full of experience and passion, June is a pleasure to work with.

Les Brockmann – Les is an amazing Recording, Mixing, and Mastering Engineer who I’ve had the pleasure of working with before.  His credits range from Scooby Doo, Home Improvement, and Seventh Heaven to the wildly successful Uncharted series and cult favorite, Firefly.

Enough with all the introductions though, it’s time to show some stuff off!  We took quite a few pictures & captured a lot of video from the session, so without further ado here is a compilation video of our first session (with a sneak peek of the Kenshi “Main Title” piece!):

Last but not least here is a solid picture of my beard’s progress (or lack thereof) =D

In the studio with Engineer, Les Brockmann.

In the studio with Engineer, Les Brockmann.

Thanks for reading/watching/listening!