Feb. 17th, 2013

What a week/weekend!  Where to start (not in order)…

*Tried out a nice little Brunch spot called Snug Harbor.  Enjoyed the Food, Coffee, & Atmosphere… there are a lot of little cafes around here though, so I’ll try a few others before going back.

*Since V-Day Traffic was nuts, we decided to go hiking up at Solstice Canyon in Malibu Today.  A nice little hike with some good views.

*I started using this new tool from iZotope, Inc called “Iris” & Wow is it cool!  I’m on the trial period right now, but have no doubt I’ll purchase it soon… a very useful Sound Design tool (but it’s also easy to create custom instruments as well).

*I’ve got a few interesting projects on the horizon… nothing I can talk about yet (and it’s still not 100% confirmed), but I’m looking forward to revealing more info when I can!  Also creating my GDC Schedule to “map” out all the meetings & sessions.  This should make it easier to organize everything & schedule new meetings.

I’m really looking forward to this coming week… hopefully there will be some exciting news I can share!