Tuesday January 29, 2013


Just finished a new Music & Sound for Games (Reel).  It’s on the front page of my main site, but figured I’d post it here too.  Pretty fun to look back at the last couple of years working in game audio :)

Kole Audio Solutions – Music & Sound for Games

Jeklynn Heights, the awesome indie game I wrote Original Music for (and am currently doing Sound Design), just started a new Indiegogo Campaign.  Check it out & feel free to contribute if you’re so inclined! http://www.indiegogo.com/jeklynnheights

Last but certainly not least, I’m about to head out to the release party for my friend Marie Lu’s, 2nd book (in the Legend Trilogy) “Prodigy.”  I had the pleasure of working with her (and Wicked Sweet Games) on the “Cities of Legend” social game.  Beyond playing the game, I’d highly recommending reading through the novels!