April 7th – What does a Carnotaurus sound like?


You hear a twig snap off in the distance & halt your pursuit of the lone Gallimimus. Slinking down lower to the ground you realize that you’re not the only hunter stalking this naive prehistoric chicken. As you duck behind the cover of a tree, you catch a glimpse of this guy sniffing the air hungrily.


You can see the “Aha!” moment in his eyes & he lets out an excited heart-stopping roar. Poor Gallimimus never had a chance…

The Carnotaurus is one of our larger carnivorous predators in ‘The Stomping Land’ & creating the sounds for him were a blast.  So fun in fact, that I made a video to share a bit of my process! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tUjzXNywR88