Sunday Jan 27th, 2013

Today it was a little bit chilly on the West Side (& now dark clouds have moved in… looking like a storm), but that’s hardly anything to complain about compared to other cities.  A good day overall!

The first half of my day was spent in a meeting with a student in San Francisco.  We’re currently working on his first album of “Night Music.”  A talented & humble guy who (although it’s not his profession… yet) pours his passion into his music.  I’m looking forward to helping him produce/arrange the tracks on this album.

I was also fortunate enough to try out a new board game with some new friends.  It’s a very heavy resource management, sci-fi, strategy game called “Twilight Imperium.”  It was most definitely overwhelming at first, but became quite fun as we started to become more familiar with the rules.  Looking forward to diving in at a later time, although we’d have to seriously set aside ~5 hours to finish a full game.

Last but not least I’ve started working on my “Cities of Legend” article for Shockwave-Sound.  Hoping to finish that up this week… should be fun digging through old notes :)