Saturday Jan. 26th, 2013

It was a beautiful day down here in Brentwood… 70s, clear sunny day (although it’s quite foggy right now).  Most of the day was spent chatting with my Artist buddy over a game we’re hoping to work on together.  We’re still in the Pre-production phase right now, but I’m hoping to solidify the GDD relatively soon so we can begin working on assets & implementing the foundation of the game mechanics.  It’s an interesting idea, but only time will tell if we can turn interesting in to fun!

Braindex, a game I did Sound Design for is doing very well at the top of the App Charts!  If you’re a fan of trivia (and/or celebrities) I’d highly recommend checking it out!

Planning on writing an article for Shockwave-Sound on my Game Music experiences with “Cities of Legend.”  Hoping to start writing that tomorrow & finish it up mid next week… I definitely learned a lot of interesting things which I’d like to share.

Last but not least (it’s hard to believe), but the Bag it! album has already been out for over a month!  We’re still looking into ways of having iTunes display the proper $ amount for the album; hoping to find a solution relatively soon.

CD Baby // iTunes 

Thanks for reading!