September 29th – Kenshi Audio Update – An Explanation of Our Music System

Hello Again!

As of late I’ve been busy creating and implementing a large chunk of SFX into Wwise so they may be plugged into Kenshi.  Everything from footsteps, to combat sounds, and even general UI “clicks”… I like to think it’s a general/broad sweep of the SFX needed for the game.

However, in my spare time I’ve created two videos detailing the thought process and ideas behind Kenshi’s music system.  The first demonstrates quite a few examples (captured in-game) & the 2nd (to be shared at a later time) is much longer, but goes into a lot more detail.  If you’d like to watch the first video, feel free to check it out here:


Some important bullet points about Kenshi’s Music System: 

*”Musical Indifference” – The world doesn’t care if you live or die & the music is a direct representation of the world.  It’ll never react to your actions in-game.

*The System consists of 3 different layers.  Bed, Frame, & Canopy.  You can think of it like this… Bed is the foundational layer, Frame is the stuff in the middle, & Canopy is the melody up top (although there are of course exceptions to this generalized description).

*The System creates its own soundtrack.  All of the musical parts are randomly chosen by the system to help build various musical tracks.  Sometimes it features 1 layer, while other times all 3 shall play simultaneously.  I’ve simply given it musical excerpts to use & basic instructions on the overall tempo.

Thanks for reading, I’ll post again as soon as the other video is ready & hope you enjoy the current one!