Short Interview with Vocalist, Violinist, and Actress, Lucine Fyelon


Q: Could you tell us a little bit about your role as a session musician/vocalist?

A: My role as a session musician is to provide the best natural sounding music possible. I show up at the studio and am given a piece of music to play and sing. I usually never see the music beforehand and will need to learn it on the spot. However in some sessions no sheet music is provided, which requires improvisation skills. In this case I play by ear and improvise any style of music the producer asks me. I’ve been doing session work for many years now and each session has required a slightly different set of skills to use that day. During orchestra sessions I always listen to the overall sound in the room and try to play similarly to the other musicians so that we can accomplish the most cohesive sound possible. However if I’m in a studio by myself I put more emotion into the music and try to provide a sincere musical interpretation to get the best natural sound possible.

Q: Why should a Producer/Director/Composer Budget for a session musician/vocalist when so many other cheaper options are available? 

A: The answer is simple. A Producer/Director/Composer will almost never be able to make a raw highly emotive sound like a session musician can. Compositions and songs that are recorded purely with samples from libraries almost always sound unnatural and don’t speak to human ears. In all my solo sessions I put my own interpretation of music combined with the producer’s vision and input. This way we bring the music alive. A good professional musician will follow the details in the music and will also be able to play in many different styles. At the end of the day we all try to communicate through music and try to be as vulnerable in the studio as possible. A computer sound cannot be vulnerable. This is the reason producers/directors/composers hire me for studio work as a violinist and a vocalist.