Monthly Archives: February 2014

February 1st – Kenshi Audio Update – Doors!

Happy 2014 everyone!  There are a handful of new SFX & lots of tweaks/fixes with the audio for Kenshi (to eventually be included in a future update)…

*Balanced the Music/SFX a bit more via suggestions on the forums

*Added a new Slider in the menu to control the volume of the Ambient SFX (Wind for now, but might include other sounds later); suggested on the forums

*Armor sounds work a little differently & should be a tad bit more sparse.

*New Ambient sounds for some Machinery (Generator, Processor, Ceiling Fans, etc.)

*More Building Click & Inventory Item sounds

*Sounds for Doors/Gates finally!  Although I still need to create some for prison cells/cages.

*All Audio will slightly change depending on the game speed you’ve chosen to play at (Normal, x2, x4).  Just create a new “aural atmosphere” & not to change gameplay in any way.

As a side note, I just went to a fantastic concert featuring a group that I hope to hire for Kenshi’s next music session (not 100% confirmed).  If you’re in Southern California I highly recommend checking them out; super powerful taiko drums & emotional music!