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Dec. 23rd 2013, Kenshi Update – What’s New in Audio?

Since the initial HUGE Audio update in Alpha .50, it may seem like there have only been minor additions to the Audio, but that would be quite far from the truth.  It’s definitely more dramatic going from absolutely no sound to a lot of music Music with some SFX, but I’d say between that time & now I’ve created (and will hopefully have integrated in the near future) 100 if not 200 various SFX.

Kenshi Female

So, along with all of the fantastic progress in this latest update (Females, Cannibals, etc.) we have an equally large Audio update.  I won’t list off all of the things that’ve been added, but here are some of the main sounds I tackled…

*Tons of Inventory item sounds – Everything from a bottle of rum to a bag of potatoes or even robotic components

*Audio for Building/Construction – This covers everything from UI sounds when you click on various building options to actual sounds when placing the buildings in-game.  Some even have audio attached to them when placed in-game.  (Not all though, as some need to be synced to animations when they’re finalized)

*Impact sounds for Training Dummies!  Because these dummies shouldn’t be spurting blood when you hit them… well, unless you’re one of those types who like to tie bandits to posts & use ‘em as target practice

*And Much more…

Oh yes & before I forget, this will be my final beard update!  January 1st 2014 it’ll all be shaved off.  It’s been pretty fantastic hearing the reactions from everyone over my beard and I’ll miss stroking it measuredly while deep in thought, but its time has come.  So before it departs, here is one last picture…

Dec Beard

Happy Holidays!

December 9th, 2013 – The Stomping Land – What does a Gallimimus Sound like?

Over the past few months, I’ve been fortunate enough to work on a great new game in development called The Stomping Land.  I’ve specifically been tasked with creating audio for the game and I’d like to give you a little “behind the scenes” look into one of my favorite areas… creating Dino sounds!



These “small” long distance runners are herbivores who like to roam around in packs for protection.  It’s name is translated as “Chicken or Rooster Mimic,” however I didn’t think the sounds of Chickens would be appropriate for our muscular Gallimimus.  With that said, I did feel very strongly that vocalizations from some kind of flocking bird would be appropriate.  First, I want to talk a little bit about how I like to build sounds though.  I like to think of it as writing music & building in layers, so quite often the vocalization sounds I create will feature Bass, Tenor, & Soprano parts (Low, Mid, High).

For Gallimimus I listened to a variety of different bird sounds, went to the Zoo to record a few new ones, and eventually settled on 4 unique bird vocalizations that would allow the Gallimimus to be quite expressive & dynamic in range.  The sounds of Geese & Flamingos make up a majority of the communicating/chattering & aggressive sounds.  Contrarily screeches of a Seagull make for a great “death” sound & the lonely call of a peacock works quite well for the passive/ambient vocalizations (perhaps of a single lost Gallimimus trying to find their way back to the flock).

After pitching them down to fit the size of the Gallimimus, all of these sounds I would consider the featured or “soprano” layer.  In some of the vocalizations, you might hear the other layers (especially if you’re pretty close to the Gallimimus).  These are subtle “flourishes”… perhaps grunts, screeches, gargles, or even breathing… all of which depends on the purpose of the vocalization.

Here is an all-audio link to a possible encounter scenario in-game between a lone Gallimimus & Carnotaurus.

That didn’t end very well for our Gallimimus… hope you enjoyed it nonetheless!  Next blog post will feature the sounds of a different Dino (or perhaps even our Hunters)!