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July 30th – Kenshi Audio Update – Music System, Studio Session, Beard

Happy Tuesday!

Just some quick Kenshi updates on the music front…

*Music progress is coming along swimmingly.  No ETA on actual implementation & when you can expect to hear it all in-game, but everything seems to be clicking so far.  Wwise Music System is standing up on its own & hoping to test it in a new internal build soon.

*Our first recording session “should” be held sometime in August.  The current lineup is Fretless Bass, Koto, Erhu, & Cello.  (I’ve already recorded all the stringed instruments at my studio: Guitars, Banjo, etc.)  I’ll make sure to take plenty of pictures and maybe even capture a few videos to share with the community :)

*Last but not least is my beard.  At the beginning of my work on ‘Kenshi’ I didn’t fully realize how important having a beard was to development, but now I’m fully aware.  So, after a month’ish of working on the game I have a beard update.  I plan to let it grow until my work is finished!



**Poses/Faces may get more ridiculous with each new picture.

Thanks for reading!

July 16th, 2013 – Kenshi Update – Ambient Music

Welcome back!  A lot has happened since the last post, so I’ll just list it all off below :)

*I’ve Composed 2 pieces of “concept” music that outline all of the various elements/instruments/colors we plan to use in ‘Kenshi.’  They’ll act as the “wells” from which I’ll pull ideas from to help keep it all cohesive.  This is especially important given the eventual scale of the game & the Music System.  (These 2 pieces of music may not show up in-game, but they’ll be on the eventual soundtrack!)

*Speaking of which… I’ve tested the Music System I designed in Wwise & it’s working quite well so far!  Whenever it goes in-game (not sure yet) I’ll probably make a video discussing our vision for the music.

*I’ve been in talks with various session musicians & nothing is final yet, but we’ll hopefully have some unique instrumentalists lined up.  Everything from Shamisen, Koto, & Fue to Hurdy Gurdy.

*Starting today, I’ve begun composing the actual in-game music.  A good portion of which I’ll be able to “finish” on my own, but we’ll eventually need to step into the studio to record some live players.  I’ll definitely take lots of pictures when we get to this stage!

*Kind of random, but these 2 instruments (among many others) will be part of the score as well.  I picked up the Toy Guitar when I was very young and visiting Mexico on a family vacation; in fact that may have been the last time I touched it until I started the ‘Kenshi’ Score!  Because it had been sitting in a dusty cardboard box for so long, the guitar was waaaaaay out of tune.  However, it has a certain haunting quality about it that made me think that it might just work for ‘Kenshi’.  Only time & testing will tell :)

Toy Guitar & Train Whistle

Thanks for reading!

July 6th, 2013 – Kenshi Update – Music System…


There is some good news on the ‘Kenshi’ audio front.  The music system has been completed & it should be ready for internal testing relatively soon.  I still don’t want to disclose much about it yet, as I’m sure things will change, but rest assured that we’ll keep working until it’s just right!

In addition to the system, I’ve actually started composing some of the in-game music.  I finished the musical “template/palette” last week, so now I have most of the tools I need to start creating.  Furthermore, I’ve been in touch with a handful of session musicians, most of which play very unique instruments that should fit right in with the world of ‘Kenshi!’

What’s next?  Well, I want to test the system a bit to make sure what I’ve planned out on paper can properly be executed in-game.  Then, I’ll get to composing a bit of the music to help “define” the overall tone/feel of the game & influence the rest of the audio.  Whether or not I actually complete all of the music before I get to SFX… I’m not sure of.  I may just work on a single piece of music & when we’re happy that it sounds like ‘Kenshi,’ then I may want to move on to SFX.  More info on that in future updates…

Thanks for reading!

June 27th, 2013 – Kenshi – The First Step…

There’s so much to do & to think about, so where to begin?  First & foremost I like to plan everything out on paper before touching an instrument or microphone.  I ask myself (and Chris) plenty of questions so I can gather the information necessary for “blueprinting” an effective Audio system for “Kenshi.”  As of right now I’ve finished composing those preliminary documents & we’re reviewing them internally.  This work has led me to the next step…

Determining what audio to work on first (but not necessarily the first to be implemented in-game).  For me, it’s essential to define the overall tone first as it overlaps into other areas of audio; and nothing “gets me there” quicker than designing/composing the Ambient music.  I have a unique strategy for composing the Ambient music that I’ve never tried before, but am quite excited to explore.  I’m still not 100% sure if it’ll actually sound “good” or just looks nice on paper, so all I can say at this moment is that I’m “collecting” little audio pieces from a variety of instruments that could define “Kenshi.”  One of them is pictured below & you may have heard it before if you saw the Audio Demo video…


Thanks for reading!

-Kole Hicks

June 25th, 2013 – Kenshi Updates

Hello everyone!  I mentioned in my last blog post that I was hired on as the Audio Designer for “Kenshi” and now it’s official!  I’m very excited to work with Chris & the rest of the team; and am looking forward to creating all kinds of unique sounds/music pieces for “Kenshi.”

In an effort to update this blog more regularly, I’ll be providing a “behind the scenes” look at creating the Audio for “Kenshi.”  This may include everything from pictures of session musicians in the studio to my random ramblings on what makes a good “THWACK!” impact sound.  For longer more in depth posts, I’ll be using this blog; however I’ll be using Twitter for quick updates.  This is ME on Twitter.

Last but not least, if you’ve never heard of the game then check it out HERE!   It’s already a fantastically fun game & I’d recommend giving it a try.  You can even purchase it through the website or Steam.   If you haven’t seen it yet, then you can watch a video on my Audio ‘vision’ for “Kenshi” HERE.