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Wednesday January 30th, 2013

What a day!

Today I had the opportunity to write some Big Band music (w/ different instrumentation), Arrange String Parts for a Ballade/Lullaby, and define a unique palette for a new game I’m pitching on (hopefully I’ll be able to talk about this more in the future if all goes well).

I also worked on a few different articles.  The “Cities of Legend” Postmortem’ish article for Shockwave-Sound is coming along nicely & I’m hoping to have it finished by this week.  However, I’m also finishing up two articles on EVERYTHING that goes into a single minute of finished music (With cameos from some Colleagues). It may be useful to some Composers, but I’m mainly creating these for the other disciplines… as I’m pretty sure game designers, directors, producers, etc. aren’t exposed to this info as often as they should be (especially when attending university).

Skulls of the Shogun” is finally out & it looks/plays fantastic!  I didn’t work on this game, but some friends did & it’s well worth the investment.

I’m not working on this game either, but the Concept Art from Mojo Game Studios is too brilliant to pass up.  The Ranger in the Quarry is currently my desktop BG.

Until tomorrow…



Tuesday January 29, 2013


Just finished a new Music & Sound for Games (Reel).  It’s on the front page of my main site, but figured I’d post it here too.  Pretty fun to look back at the last couple of years working in game audio :)

Kole Audio Solutions – Music & Sound for Games

Jeklynn Heights, the awesome indie game I wrote Original Music for (and am currently doing Sound Design), just started a new Indiegogo Campaign.  Check it out & feel free to contribute if you’re so inclined!

Last but certainly not least, I’m about to head out to the release party for my friend Marie Lu’s, 2nd book (in the Legend Trilogy) “Prodigy.”  I had the pleasure of working with her (and Wicked Sweet Games) on the “Cities of Legend” social game.  Beyond playing the game, I’d highly recommending reading through the novels!

Sunday Jan 27th, 2013

Today it was a little bit chilly on the West Side (& now dark clouds have moved in… looking like a storm), but that’s hardly anything to complain about compared to other cities.  A good day overall!

The first half of my day was spent in a meeting with a student in San Francisco.  We’re currently working on his first album of “Night Music.”  A talented & humble guy who (although it’s not his profession… yet) pours his passion into his music.  I’m looking forward to helping him produce/arrange the tracks on this album.

I was also fortunate enough to try out a new board game with some new friends.  It’s a very heavy resource management, sci-fi, strategy game called “Twilight Imperium.”  It was most definitely overwhelming at first, but became quite fun as we started to become more familiar with the rules.  Looking forward to diving in at a later time, although we’d have to seriously set aside ~5 hours to finish a full game.

Last but not least I’ve started working on my “Cities of Legend” article for Shockwave-Sound.  Hoping to finish that up this week… should be fun digging through old notes :)


Saturday Jan. 26th, 2013

It was a beautiful day down here in Brentwood… 70s, clear sunny day (although it’s quite foggy right now).  Most of the day was spent chatting with my Artist buddy over a game we’re hoping to work on together.  We’re still in the Pre-production phase right now, but I’m hoping to solidify the GDD relatively soon so we can begin working on assets & implementing the foundation of the game mechanics.  It’s an interesting idea, but only time will tell if we can turn interesting in to fun!

Braindex, a game I did Sound Design for is doing very well at the top of the App Charts!  If you’re a fan of trivia (and/or celebrities) I’d highly recommend checking it out!

Planning on writing an article for Shockwave-Sound on my Game Music experiences with “Cities of Legend.”  Hoping to start writing that tomorrow & finish it up mid next week… I definitely learned a lot of interesting things which I’d like to share.

Last but not least (it’s hard to believe), but the Bag it! album has already been out for over a month!  We’re still looking into ways of having iTunes display the proper $ amount for the album; hoping to find a solution relatively soon.

CD Baby // iTunes 

Thanks for reading!


1st Post

Just a test to see if this is working…

Hello everyone,

This is the first post of my blog & as such it’ll serve to give a little background on why I’m doing this & what I hope to accomplish.
First & foremost I’m doing this to help keep a record of many of the things that happen to me, to others I know, I hear about, etc. over the course of a year.  Most of it may be mundane, but there may be a few exciting things along the way.  So, every night’ish I’ll try to create a brief entry describing what went on in my world that day.  This may include informative Game Audio tid bits, rants, or maybe even the occasional meme.
I hope to mainly “accomplish” 2 things with this blog…
1. Have a record of my daily tasks/thoughts, as it may be fun to go through at a later time.
2. Share these tasks/thoughts in the hope other colleagues find (at least some of the info) useful.